Zorro stars wins the Ramotshere Moiloa Mayoral Cup second time in a row

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    27 June 2023

    Zorro stars wins the Ramotshere Moiloa Mayoral Cup second time in a row

    The vision of having professional football and netball players in Ramotshere Moiloa Local Municipality through the Mayoral Cup Tournament appears to be achievable. Zorro Stars football club has proven that it has potential to develop and build youth to be the stars of tomorrow through football by winning the 2023 Mayoral Cup two years in succession recently during the youth month commemoration games in Ikageleng stadium.

    The Mayoral cup tournament is one of the programmes aiming at reducing the high rate of substance abuse, keeping the youth off the streets and producing professional players in Ramotshere Moiloa by assuring that they participate in different sporting codes. It is also one of the flair scouts that enable youth to move out of substance abuses by show casing their talents that can brighten their future.

    During the opening of the final games, Mayor Dina Pitso mentioned that it is the wish of the municipality to produce professional players from Ramotshere Moiloa since young people are involved in sports and shown passion in it. “As the municipality, we have realised that there is great potential in our youth and are aware that there are lack of sports facility and professional development; which might discourage them. However,we are hopeful that we will work together with different stakeholders for the promotion and development of sports in our communities. It might not be now but one day we will achieve this dream. Hence, we have ensured that we prioritise this programme of the mayoral cup tournament as an inspiration and motivation to the youth”, she said.


    The tournament started in April with 19 teams each from three categories registered for both ladies and men’s soccer as well as netball from all the 19 wards. Only six teams played in the finals where. Mighty Green failed to defend their title by losing to Mzira Bubbles with 44-40 in the netball. Rise and Shine claimed back their trophy by defeating Royal stars 10-3 in the ladies soccer. And for the second time in a row; Zorro Stars, who had homeground advantage from Ikageleng Location fought tooth and nail to retain their championship title by defeating Three Stars with 2 goals against zero.

    Israel (Zorro) Moloantoa; who is the Zorro Stars coach expressed the excitement from him and the entire team for keeping the trophy home. “I don’t have much to say because the noise from the vuvuzelas, ululation and whistling around the stadium is speaking on my behalf. History has repeated itself and I said it last year that we intend keeping the trophy in Ikageleng. We hope to go to greater heights with this achievement. The boys are happy and so am I. Again, this victory is dedicated to our youth of 1976.” said Zorro with a delighted face.

    The games were graced by Mayor Dina Pitso, Council Speaker; Portia Letshufi, ward 15 councillor Obakeng Moseki and councillor Manelo Odiseng; who presented the players with medals, new scoccer kits, soccer balls and trophies to the winning teams.


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    Zorro stars wins the Ramotshere Moiloa Mayoral Cup