Fraud and Anti-Corruption Strategy

The municipality has a policy on anti-fraud & corruption that was approved in 2013, however, due to budget constraint; the municipality did not rollout anti-fraud and corruption workshops. However the policy is currently undergoing vigorous review. The anti-fraud and corruption strategy will be developed and workshops rollout throughout the municipality in the two last quarters of the 2013/2014 financial year.

The municipality has been dealing with matters relating to fraud and corruption within the municipality. There are criminal investigations that are going ahead and other matters are with the National Prosecuting Authority. There several cases of misconduct with have been finalised and some are on-going.

New allegations of fraud or corruption and other irregularities are currently under investigation and those that are finalised are being referred to either South African Police Services or Legal Unit for formulation of misconduct charges and setting up disciplinary enquiries tribunals. As alluded to under risk management mitigating strategy in respect of fraud and corruption, an intensive conflict of interest identification review has been finalised which will result in a number anti-fraud & corruption initiative.