Executive Committee

  1. Reviews the performance of the Ramotshere Moiloa Local Municipality in order to improve:
  2. Monitor the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of the municipality;
  3. Monitor the efficiency of credit control and revenue and debt collection services;
  4. Oversee the implementation of the municipality’s by-laws; 
  5. Monitors the management of the municipality’s administration in accordance with the policy directions of the Municipal Council (output monitoring);
  6. Oversees the provision of services to communities in the municipality in a sustainable manner;
  7. Annually reports on the involvement of communities and community organisations in the affairs of   the municipality, considers recommendations on the alignment of the IDP and the budget received from the relevant Councillors;
  8. Ensures that regard is given to public views and reports on the effect of consultation on the   decisions ofthe Council;
  9. Makes recommendations to Council regarding:-
  • the adoption of the estimates of revenue and expenditure, as well as capital budgets and the imposition of rates and other taxes, levies and duties;
  • the passing of by-laws; and
  • the raising of loans.
  • approval or amendment of the IDP.
  • appointment and conditions of Service of Municipal Manager and Heads of Departments
  • Deals with any other matters referred to it by the Council and submits a recommendation thereon for consideration by the Council;
  • Attends to and deals with all matters delegated to it by Council in terms of the Systems Act;
  1. Appoints a chairperson/s from the members of the Executive Committee, for any committee established by Council in terms of section 80 of the Structures Act to assist the Executive Committee;
  2. Delegates any powers and duties of the Executive Committee to any Section 80 committee;
  3. Varies or revokes any decisions taken by a section 80 committee, subject to vested rights;
  4. Develops strategies, programmes and services to address priority needs of the municipality through the IDP and estimates of revenue and expenditure, taking into account any applicable National and Provincial Plans and submits a report to, and recommendations thereon, to the Council;
  5. Subject to applicable legislation, recommends or determines the best methods, including partnerships and other approaches to deliver services, programmes and projects to the maximum benefit of the community;
  6. Identifies and develops criteria in terms of which progress in the implementation of services,programmes and objectives to address the priority needs of the municipality can be evaluated, which includes key performance indicators which are specific to the municipality and common to local government in general;
  7. Manages the development of the performance management system, assigns responsibilities in this regardto the municipal manager and submits the proposed performance management system to  Councilfor consideration;
  8. Monitors progress against the said Key Performance indicators;
  9. Receives and considers reports from committees in accordance with the directives as stipulated by theExecutive Committee;
  10. Elects a Chairperson to preside at meetings if both the Mayor are absent from a meeting in the event of there being a quorum present at such a meeting, if the Mayor failed to designate a member of EXCO in writing to act as Mayor;
  11. Considers appeals from a person whose rights are affected by a decision of the  Municipal Manager interms of delegated powers, provided that the decision reached by this committee may not retract any rights that may have accrued as a result of the original decision.
  12. Reports, in writing, to the Municipal Council on all decisions taken by EXCO at the next ordinary Council  Meeting
  13. Recommends to Council after consultation with the relevant Portfolio Committee, policies where council had reserved the power to make policies itself;
  14. Recommends after consultation with the relevant Sect 79 Committee, rules of order of Council Meetings and approves rules of order for meetings of itself and any other committee;
  15. Makes recommendations to Council on proposed Political Structures of Council;
  16. Makes recommendations to Council in respect of Council’s Legislative Powers; and
  17. Determines strategic approaches, guidelines and growth parameters for the Draft Budget including tariff structures;