Letshufi, new speaker for Ramotshere Moiloa

  • Letshufi, new speaker for Ramotshere Moiloa

    Media Statement

    17 April 2023


    Letshufi, new speaker for Ramotshere Moiloa


    The Council of Ramotshere Moiloa Local Municiplaity has resolved to elect Councillor Portia Letshufi as its Speaker. This follows the untimely death of Kerileng Mogotsi early this year which led to the vacancy within the council. A vacancy was declared with the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) on the 28th February 2023.


    The IEC coordinated with the affected political party for the nomination and deployment of the replacement councillor. To give effect to the nomination, the IEC presented the nominated candidate; Ms Agnes Makgokgowa as the councillor elect after receiving confirmation from the affected political Party, African National Congress (ANC). She was sworn in on the 28th March 2023, to fill the vacancy that was created.


    Business of council has been under the care of an acting speaker. Therefore, a substantive speaker was to be elected. During the council meeting held on 5th April 2023; three candidates were nominated to stand for the elections of the speaker through a secret ballot process. Cllr Portia Letshufi from the African National Congress (ANC) won with 24 votes against opposition parties, F4SD (04 votes) and FFD (09 votes) respectively. All the 37 councillors voted and there were no spoilt ballots as the results were announced. She was sworn in as the speaker by Magistrate Lerato Portia Matabane on Tuesday 11th April 2023.


    In her acceptance speech, Letshufi who has also been serving as the Member of Mayoral Committee for Corporate Support, ICT and Shared Services in Ngaka Modiri Molema District Municipality thanked the council for electing her as the speaker.


    I want to express my sincerest appreciation to Members of this council for the confidence they have placed in me, as well as the great responsibility that have been entrusted to me. Much as I am honoured for the tittle bestowed upon me; I am fully aware of the responsibilities that goes along with it. As a woman myself, it is a privilege for me that through your trust you saw it fit for me to be the Speaker of the council following the untimely death of the late Speaker Kerileng Mogotsi, who has served diligently in this council. She has paved the path for me and will indeed take the baton forward in ensuring that the council is functional and won’t compromise service delivery’, she said


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    Letshufi, new speaker for Ramotshere Moiloa