Ramotshere embarks on cross-border safety campaign

Ramotshere embarks on cross-border safety campaign With high traffic volumes around the N4 road that leads to cross borders around Zeerust, especially the Skilpadhek, the Mayor for Ramotshere Moiloa Local Municipality, Alfred Thale, together with the Paramount chief of Bahurutshe ba ga Moiloa, Kgosi Keobusitse Moiloa and the CEO of Cross Border Road Transport Agency (C-BRTA), Sipho Khumalo recently embarked on the Cross border safety education and awareness campaign on the Zeerust weighbridge. The roadblock was aimed at promoting compliance on the roads as well as controlling traffic volumes with specific focus to cross border transport. The operation that was also used to observe the October transport month was in conjunction with other law enforcement agencies such as the Provincial traffic, Ramotshere Moiloa Public Safety, Customs, RTMC, SAPS. Road safety inspections were conducted to ensure that cross-border transport operators as well as general road users transport goods and passengers safely. “As you can see, we are close to the weighbridge. All the trucks are weighed and if they exceed their stipulated mass, they are forced to rearrange their goods or find another truck to carry another load. Overloading is one of the factors that damages the roads and also leads to accidents”. Those were the words on Mayor Thale during the operation. Thale also indicated that vehicle and driver fitness was also important as it helps reduce high number of fatalities and accidents on provincial roads. ” Accidents continue to be a challenge facing us on the roads. Drivers are either drunk or reckless and in some instances the vehicles they are driving are not roadworthy. Another factor is that the passengers do not fasten their seatbelts and when a collision occurs, the vehicles throws them out of the vehicle and end up losing their lives” he said. The campaign was run on two shifts. The first shift was from six in the morning and the second one from noon until midnight. During the operation tickets were issued for various offences ranging from unroadworthy vehicle, expired permits and overloading.  Illegal immigrants were also arrested and several cars were discontinued. The team interacted with motorists and other road users by handing out promotional materials in a form of flyers, pamphlets that informed them on cross boarder safety issues on the road. Issued by:  Dirontsho SebegoCommunication Manager 018 642 1081 ext 259 / 0833208627