Mayor Cllr. P K Mothoagae calls on stakeholders to work Together

In aligning with the “saamwerk,saamtrek” one of the  fifth pillars of the Bokone Bophirima fifth administration, Ramotshere Moiloa Local Municipality Mayor, Kereng Mothoagae, recently engaged with the sector departments around the Ramotshere Moiloa area to strengthen the relations between the municipality and provincial government.
This happened within less than a month since her inauguration as the Mayor of Ramotshere Molioa Local Municipality. During the engagement sessions, Mothoagae urged government stakeholders to work with the municipality in order to move Ramotshere Moiloa forward. “The municipality is always here to support your programmes and I need us to work together. If the community complains about the services of a certain department, open your doors so that we can find the solution and provide the most efficient and accurate services to the people of Ramotshere’’, she said during the meeting that was held in the municipal premises.
She further indicated that as a councillor, including all newly elected councillors, they should portray willingness to work productively with each and all of stakeholders. “With rational, collaborative effort, we can, together work in furthering the best interests of our residents. I look forward to varied, spirited discussions leading to consensus based resolutions”, she added.
Mothoagae mentioned that amongst the priorities for the current term of office they are without a shadow of doubt saying that the acceleration of service delivery, including housing, job creation and ensuring the continuation of good governance practices are at the epitome of our Agenda.
“To break the cycle of poverty, dependency and unemployment, we must start putting more focus on job creation. That is where the VTSD (Villages, Township and Small Dorpies) pillar comes in. The Bokone Bophirima Province Premier Supra Mahumapelo has encouraged us to support our local business initiatives. The vendors in our communities especially in schools should be supported by buying their goods. Our government is trying through EPWP and CDW programmes but we must also think of small jobs to keep us going, Mothoagae advised.
Meanwhile in a different meeting with Management, she called on officials to get their acts together and do what they get paid for. “During our door to door elections campaigns communities robustly complained amongst others about the unacceptable attitude of some of our Employees. We need to without any waste of time correct such conduct. We are here to serve our communities; same should be done at all times without compromise’’, she had said.  
She concluded by announcing that Setsokotsane programme will be in the Ramotshere area from the 19th September to 07th October 2016; and that both the municipality and sector departments should support the initiative and provide all the necessary services to the people.