Heavy storm blew away houses in Zeerust


Heavy storms that erupted recently left at least eight families stranded in Zeerust town and Ikageleng Township. Frightened residents of Zeerust could not believe that they survived the heavy storm that blew away the roof of their houses, chopped down trees and broke 15 electricity poles and cables that fell across the roads.

Roads were temporarily closed by the trees and corrugated steel roof. Some of the trees fell on top of the houses while the owners of the cars parked closed to the trees were fortunate enough that the trees fell just a few meters away from their cars. People were crying for their destroyed properties, furniture and electrical appliances

The residents were perplexed to see the extent of destruction caused at the blink of an eye before the rainfall. The Molobi family in Sandvlakte was left speechless after the roof of their mansion was blown away by the heavy storms “We were relaxing at home watching the television when I saw my roof flying from the house. It was like a dream to me and suddenly the rain was falling on us thus destroying many things including my furniture. I don’t have much to say except that we are fortunate that no injuries or fatalities occurred. We cried out for help and government came to our aid and covered the roof temporarily to prevent further damages and secure our safety”, said a heartbroken Molobi

Meanwhile, the Ramotshere Moiloa Local Municipality Electrical Department worked tirelessly throughout the weekend to restore electricity supply with assistance from Eskom.The Oppietoppie water destribution center for Zeerust also experienced problems but the municipality‘s water and sanitation department dealt with problem with immediate effect.

Administrator, Paul Maseko also dedicated his time to give moral support to workers who have been on sight from Friday. “I kept on communicating with the team on the phone but I felt like I was not doing enough so I decided to go and experience what they were going through. They appreciated my support and I would like to applaud all those who did not rest and gave their all to restore the situation. Nothing beats teamwork”, said Maseko who was behind the wheel of the electricity truck.

The municipality worked together with Eskom, the Department of Local Government & Human Settlements and Ngaka Modiri Molema District Municipality to assist with temporary structures to at least eight families that were affected as well as to clear the roads. Other government departments like SASSA and Social Development are expected to do their assessment and provide the necessary assistance.

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